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The Bignold Curriculum

    Curriculum Rationale 


    An ambitious curriculum is the key to transforming children’s lives and developing them into lifelong learners. At Bignold we belive that our curriculum should raise aspirations, develop independence and offer all children at every age and stage real-life experiences. These are central in the development and delivery of the curriculum across all subject areas. 


    Fostering children’s curiosity will give them a desire to learn that both enriches them and equips them with the skills, values, and attitudes needed to find their place in modern Britain and the wider world.  Children acquire deep and meaningful knowledge and explore a broad range of skills to apply their knowledge, thus preparing them for life beyond school.  Reading is at the centre of our curriculum. Children’s learning is driven by high expectations so that they can succeed academically.  However, the curriculum is also our most important tool in developing children more broadly, supporting their creative and sporting aspirations and enabling children to grow up to be positive and active citizens of the world. Activities are designed to build confidence and self-esteem, which in turn will support children’s mental health and wellbeing.


    Key Curriculum Principles:

    • Knowledge and skills – structuring learning through the accumulation of related concepts and acquiring skills in order to apply knowledge in different situations
    • Vocabulary and reading – focusing on the correct technical vocabulary and reading to help children understand, analyse and communicate
    • Engagement – engaging pupils through inspiring stimuli and active.  We strive to create learning outside of the classroom and that it is creative and engaging learning



    Our curriculum is the body of knowledge that our pupils learn while at Bignold Primary School. It is best explained through the answers to three questions:


    1. Intent: What should children know by the time they leave Bignold?
    2. Implementation: How do we teach our curriculum?
    3. Impact: How do we know how well pupils have learnt the curriculum?


    This section of our website will help you to understand more about the curriculum and its delivery at Bignold Primary School.