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The Bignold Curriculum


At Bignold Primary School, Nursery & Preschool we aim to create a thriving and diverse learning community so that children are empowered to have hopeful, ambitious and responsible aspirations for themselves, others and their world.


The Curriculum at Bignold aims to give children the knowledge, skills and opportunities to be successful members of society. Through a broad and relevant learning programme the children build on prior knowledge and are immersed in subject-specific lessons. The children learn the skills to become, amongst other things, Historians, Geographers, Artists and Designers.

We aim to open opportunities for children to develop as independent and critical learners, who are able to communicate fluently and confidently to showcase their knowledge and understanding.

Our curriculum aims to empower our children to reach their full potential, to prepare them for the future and encourage them to be positive members of the wider community. We aim to channel the natural curiosities of our children to allow them to realise their potential and become passionate about their development in a wide range of subject areas.


This aim is entirely consistent with our school motto: Believe, Achieve & Succeed

Believe -  

We believe that education is a moral purpose which has the power to transform lives and provide opportunities 

Achieve -

We aim to provide a curriculum that not only promotes academic excellence but also fosters a life-long love of learning

Succeed -

We want all children to achieve the highest possible standards, we want them to know what success feels like and to know what they need to do in order to be successful. We recognise that, in order to be valued and successful members of our diverse society, we must provide an education that opens up future choices for our pupils 


Guiding our Curriculum development are the six guiding principles of our Curriculum that have been adopted by Evolution Academy Trust as being essential for an effective and aspirational curriculum:

Balance, Rigour, Relevance, Coherence, The Big Ideas & Engagement: