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(COVID-19) catch-up premium

Proposed spending for of the catch-up fund

At Bignold Primary School & Nursery, we aim to spend the catch-up funding we have received via the Department for Education on the following activities, although these will be reviewed throughout the year to ensure the most appropriate and effective use of the funding.

As a part of Evolution Academy Trust, we are part of the central trust strategy to procure appropriate technology to increase overall IT infrastructure and facilitate access to technology for learners.

Proposed spending of catch-up funding


Detail and reason for activity

Estimated Cost

Intended impact and how it will be measured

Access to IT

 To provide Devices to allow all pupils to access the curriculum during home learning and to access additional catch up resources in school time.

Central Trust strategy

Students engage in learning and are prepared for remote learning should a lockdown occur

Infrastructure for home learning

• See Saw used for Year 1 -6

• Tapestry used for EYFS

• Online learning policy sets clear expectation for setting online learning & providing effective developmental feedback

• Online learning set to meet the individual needs of each class and personalised for specific need i.e. SEND.

• The curriculum  organised into subject-specific weeks with all pupils learning to be Scientists, Historians etc. so that families with siblings in different year groups can complete home learning together

• Use Tapestry & Seesaw (T&S) online learning platforms – knowledge organisers to be posted ahead of each subject theme being taught in school. Teachers to set and respond to home learning via T&S.

• Teachers to promote the use of T&S – modeling the use of the platforms and use positive framing.

• Parent support for families struggling to engage with online learning.

Tapestry £1500

SeeSaw £2,290

Content bundle £756

Learning platforms in use and effective in supporting learning.

-to aid continuity in case of homeschooling and facilitate good quality resources to support intervention and catch-up.

Technology in the classroom

  • Visualisers for all classrooms – Reception to Year 6
  • Staff CPD to ensure all teachers able to use visualisers confidently to provide whole class, group & individual feedback i.e. adding annotations & editing.
  • Marking & feedback procedures updated to include use of visualisers
  • Monitoring of all subject areas to focus on the quality of feedback to pupils & how learning is modelled


Teachers use visualisers to for effective quality first teaching – modeling worked examples/editing, for whole class feedback and for socially distanced individual or group feedback


Infrastructure to aid pedagogy

  • All teachers have appropriate technology (laptops)
  • CPD requirements identified & addressed
  • Older teacher laptops redeployed for use as curriculum machines

Laptops £7800

Teachers have appropriate technology to set & review home learning, record video and host online learning sessions i.e. 1:1, small group or large group.

Increased access to technology

  • 60 new tablets sourced for use in KS2
    • To support use of Times Tables Rock Stars
    • Able to support apps for coding & programming
  • 60 existing tablets (iPads) to be used in KS1 & EYFS
    • Although older, they have apps for simple coding & for audio and graphic elements of the curriculum
    • They have robust cases
  • Audit of previous pupil engagement with online learning

Tablets £17,520




Additional charging unit c£2000

‘Tough’ cases c£1000*


During a partial or full closure of school, pupils without home access to appropriate technology for home learning are able to borrow these from school.