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Intent of our Curriculum 

  • At Bignold we love reading and our goal is that every child reads fluently, confidently and with enjoyment.  Reading is the key to so much learning and by becoming a confident reader it will enable children to access all future learning. Reading improves wellbeing and we believe it is an essential life skill and our ambition is to nurture a love of reading. Reading is at the centre of our curriculum.

  • We want to see all our pupils thrive as successful learners socially and academically through high quality teaching and an enriched, knowledge led curriculum; including pupils with special educational needs and, or disabilities.
  • We aim to develop independent, thinking children who are ambitious, emotionally equipped and confident enough to make good life choices.
  • We encourage our pupils to relate well to one another with confidence, care, openness and respect.
  • We aim to meet the needs of all learners in our curriculum, challenging them and enabling them to critically think, problem solve and undertake learning at a deeper level.
  • We want all pupils to develop Cultural Capital. To have the knowledge, behaviours and skills to face the future with confidence