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At Bignold we are a reading school.  We love to read and love to ensure that all children are fluent and confident readers.  Our reading offer is multi-layered to ensure children leave Bignold as whole readers.  We see a whole reader as a child who is confident and fluent, with a range of strategies to ensure that they have a good understanding of what they have read.  A whole reader loves to read and understands that books build their knowledge and broaden their world as well as increasing emotional and social well-being. 

There are many layers to our reading curriculum and the pages within this heading will give you flavour of reading at Bignold and our Reading Document gives you an overview of teaching and learning in this subject. We have included information about our reading at Bignold in the subheadings below. 

Big Ideas

Our goal for reading education is for children to read fluently, both for enjoyment and information, enabling them to access all future learning, to develop essential life skills and to nurture a love of reading:

  • Accuracy – I am a reader because I can read words accurately;
  • Enjoyment – I am a reader because I enjoy reading a range of fiction and non-fiction; and
  • Comprehension – I am a reader because I have a good understanding of the texts I read and listen to.

Bignold Reading Curriculum Document