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British Values


  • Children involved in Democratic processes: e.g. choosing team names, school motto, school councillors, school rules, class charter, tribes.
  • Pupils involved in the recruitment of staff.
  • Strong pupil voice e.g. pupil focus group for new lunchtime food and systems.
  • Democracy linked assemblies.
  • School council - The Bignold Bright Resolvers.
  • Links with local MPs, Councillors and City Mayor who visit the school and speak to the pupils.
  • Governor/pupil focus groups.

Mutual Respect.

  • A school culture which celebrates diversity.
  • Positive relationships encouraged and modelled, pupil – pupil, adult – pupil, adult—adult.
  • R.E curriculum.
  • Anti-bullying week.
  • School Council.
  • Schools Sport Partnership.
  • Supporting charity days.
  • Remembrance Day commemorations.
  • Class charters.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

  • Bignold School Values which celebrate our pride in being at the heart of a diverse and vibrant community.
  • R.E. curriculum.
  • Equalities policies.
  • Bigfest– world vision dance.

Rule of Law.

  • School Behaviour policy – all stakeholders are aware of the policy and it is understood and followed.
  • Pupils have regular opportunities to reflect e.g. learning, their behaviour, across the curriculum.
  • Yr6 Crime and Punishment across the ages culminating in the children understanding their responsibilities within the law and speaking to the Youth Offending Team.
  • Yr6 attendance at Crucial Crew.
  • Pupil interviews on behaviour.
  • Assemblies with a focus linked to the law e.g. school rules, Parliament etc.
  • Tribes and class charters.

Individual Liberty.

  • Pupils roles in school e.g. The Sports Council. 
  • Understanding responsibility in school in terms of behaviour and learning attitude.
  • Pupils encouraged to make choices in a safe and supportive environment within and beyond school.
  • School values are known and articulated by school community members.
  • Values assemblies planned for.
  • Values displayed around the school and evident in action.
  • Home / school agreements.
  • Celebration assembly.
  • E-safety.
  • Extra Curricula activities choices.
  • Class charters.
  • Financial awareness– e.g. stalls, Christmas bazaar.