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Support and help available

We are a school that cares about our school community. Berry O'Rourke is our Family Partnership Support Officer and she can offer advice and support for parents and carers and is available from Monday to Thursday until 1pm. If you would like to have a chat with Berry she is often out on the playground in the mornings or her contact her by email or phone details below. 


Berry's contact details are 

Email -

Telephone - 01603 625721

Solihull Parenting Course

Several times a year school runs a course for parents who want to understand their child's behaviour better. The course looks at why children behave the way they do, and how to get the best behaviour out of your child. It focussed on helping your child manage their behaviour through containment and reciprocity, which is another way of saying "tuning in to your child". The course looks at sleep, anger, child development, emotions, play, and mostly why children behave the way they do. It's a free, fun, friendly 10 week course that is valued by employers in the health and education sector and suitable for any parent or cater with primary school aged children 3-11. 


Over the last few courses 100% of parents said they would definitely  recommend this course to their friends in the end of course evaluation. Quite an endorsement!


"This course helped me understand my child better and our relationship has improved a lot"


"I really enjoyed this course and have made a lot of new friends"


"Berry and Lisa ran the course brilliantly and it was enjoyably and funny every week. Lots of things are clearer now and my life at home with the kids is easier"


Family Lives

This website provides advice on all aspects of family life.

If you need to talk, they are there to listen; call 0808 800 2222.

Just One Norfolk

This is a really helpful website with links to information for families on areas such as children's health, including mental wellness, supporting with finance and practical parenting tips.




This link will provide information of upcoming webinars and online events to find out what additional support is available to you and your family.


Leeway is an organisation that provides support to those experiencing domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse helpline 0300 561 0077


Citizen's Advice

Debt and money

Dealing with money issues can sometimes be off-putting, but if you don't understand how things like credit or mortgages work, you could end up losing out financially or getting yourself deep in debt. This website will give you the information you need to make the right choices, including help to deal with your debt problems, how to avoid losing your home and how to get your finances back into shape.


The Trussell Trust

For food bank vouchers, please see our Family Partnership Support Officer, Berry.

Norwich Charitable Trusts

Help is available for uniform and residential trips.