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Update on school provision for key workers

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank you again for the continued support and understanding you are showing the school. This is an update on the emergency provision we have put in place after the government announcement to close schools from today.
  • All families are strongly urged to keep children away from school and to only use emergency provision if you are a key worker AND really have no safe alternative. This is to really minimise the spread of COVID-19
  • Families and children must not attend school on Monday unless you are classified as a key worker. If you do, unfortunately we will have to ask you take your child home. 
  • Any applications we have received are being accepted so children of these families should bring children to school on Monday. HOWEVER we will be reviewing and checking all information on Monday and Tuesday. If your role does not fall into the government guidelines, this provision will cease at the end of the school day.
  • Families must not rely on informal advice from their employers and must refer to the government guidelines to see if they are classified as a key worker.
  • Families who are identifying as key workers must have up to date emergency contacts and contingency for collecting their child should they fall ill when attending the emergency provision. We have no choice but to place children in isolation until they are collected. We will ensure their well-being is managed and they appropriately supervised but we will expect them to be collected immediately by a known contact.
  • Please do NOT call or phone the office to check information etc unless absolutely urgent. The office staff are having to manage a significant workload doing so places strain on the system.
  • School are providing work for children this will be communicated in the days ahead.
  • Children who are entitled to free school meals should come to the school office between 11.30 am and 12.00 pm to collect their free packed lunch. They must be supervised.
  • There will be minimum contact so please come at the allocated time, do not stay on the premises longer than necessary.

  • We will update you as and when we receive more information - please do not phone the school for updates.
We continue to work for the community. We strongly advise all families to follow the guidelines to prevent the reduction of the spread of COVID-19.
Thank you, keep safe
Binks Neate-Evans
Executive Principal