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Update message - Tuesday 9th February 2021

Dear parents & carers,

I hope that you are all keeping well (and warm) during this current wintery weather. It has been great to see some brilliant pictures of the children making the most of the snow – proper, deep snow like this is so unusual for us that I think it is important that they get to experience playing in it when they can.

As you may have seen, the weather forecast for the next 24-hours is variable with freezing temperatures and the possibility of more snow. At the moment, the main roads appear to be clear, although side roads and footpaths may not all have been treated.

We will monitor the situation overnight and will make a decision about opening the school early tomorrow morning. A text message will be sent out to confirm the decision.

If school does remain closed tomorrow, online learning via Tapestry and Seesaw will be available. I can appreciate that, if your child has spent two lovely days enjoying the snow, settling back into the routine of home learning may be tricky. To help, I would like to make the following suggestions:

  • Go back to the core maths and English session posted on Monday and try to complete these;
  • Focus on ‘catching-up’ with parts of the learning sequence that might have been missed;
  • Encourage your child to do one or two pieces of work to their highest possible standard rather than asking them to rush through all the work available.
  • Use tomorrow to re-establish routines – children could do some learning and then go to play in the snow.

For tomorrow, all 1:1 and group online Zoom sessions will be cancelled so that staff can concentrate on responding to posts on Tapestry and Seesaw. We hope to see all children posting tomorrow & staff will respond by praising their efforts and encouraging them to keep going with the home learning.

I have asked the staff to monitor engagement and, where children are not posting, to contact families so that we can offer support.

With my very best wishes,

Chris Newman

Head of School