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Summer messages fromTeam Bignold

Dear parents & carers,


I just wanted to end this school year by thanking you for your goodwill & best wishes through what has been quite the time for us all. As always, we are proud to serve such a wonderful school community.

A particular thanks should go to the amazing BFF committee for all of their hard work in organising our end-of-year uniform giveaway and for the kind gifts of cakes & cards for the Bignold staff. It really means a lot to know that our school has such a dedicated and supportive group of parents; we are very lucky.

From all of us here at Bignold, I would like to wish you good summer.

Stay safe & we will look forward to seeing you soon,

With my best wishes,

Chris Newman

Head of School

Messages to end the year with:

Goodbye to all our leavers

As always, at the end of the school year, we have members of our school moving on to new schools & new challenges. If you are leaving us then remember that you will always be part of our Bignold family and that we all send you our best wishes for the future.

Reporting COVID-19 cases

If in the next 48 hours your child tests positive for COVID-19, you will need to report this to the school by emailing

This email address will be monitored until the morning of Sunday 25th July.

Arrangements for Autumn Term 2021

The start of term:

Children will start back at school on Monday 6th September 2021.

Morning drop-off:

8.30 am

8.35 am

8.40 – 8.55 am

8.55 am

9.00 am

Gates open for Preschool & Nursery

Gates to main school open

Soft start – classrooms doors will open from 8.40 am & you can drop off your child at any time from then until 8.55 am.

Children will have learning activities in the classrooms & will read 1:1 with staff.

Classroom doors will close.

School gates will be closed.

Registration will begin.

Learning starts – children will need to be in their classrooms & ready to learn.

Children should be dropped off at the classroom doors and we would ask that parents & carers leave promptly so that we can limit the number of adults onsite.

The Reception classes will use the main school entrance (timings for this have been sent out separately) so it will still not be possible for parents to come into the office hatch until the children have gone through to their classrooms. Please continue to use the email address or telephone on 01603 625721.

Attendance & being on time

As I am sure you can appreciate, having a positive & structured start to the day is hugely beneficial for children’s education; we all know, as adults, how bad having a rushed, stressful morning makes us feel.

Our learning starts promptly at 9.00 am so we would ask that all children are in school at least 5 minutes before that so that they start their day in a calm, purposeful manner.

We appreciate that sometimes families can run late for a variety of reasons. If this does happen to you, please phone the school office so that we know to expect you.

Children arriving between 8.55 and 9.25 am will be marked as being late.

Children arriving after 9.25 am will be marked as unauthorised absence and this will affect their overall attendance*.

*This is in line with DfE guidance that arrival at school more than 30 minutes after registration began should be counted an unauthorised absence.

Overall good attendance has a massive impact on how well children do in school and there is strong evidence to show that children whose attendance is over 96% of all sessions are more likely to make good progress and achieve academic success.

Afternoon pick-up

Classroom doors will open at 3.15 pm so we will open the school gates just before then. We would ask that parents still follow social distancing and wait for children to be dismissed from the classroom doors.

If your child is in Year 4, 5 or 6 and you would like them to walk out of school on their own to meet you, please contact the school office so that we can update our records.


Although we will no longer be operating completely separate Year Group Bubbles, we will still put in place some measures to limit the amount of contact there is between our year groups.





Nursery (children staying for a full day)



The Nursery garden



Infant Hall

The Reception garden

Year 1


Dining Hall

Year 1 garden & front playground

Year 2


Dining Hall

Front playground

Year 3


Dining Hall

Front playground & field or back playground & outdoor gym

Year 4


Dining Hall

Year 5


Junior Hall

Year 6


Junior Hall


There will be stagger for eating times to reduce the pressure on key pinch points i.e. the Dining Hall. This would also mean that, should any restrictions be put in place, we are already limiting contact between year groups.

Outside playtimes are also staggered slightly so that year groups are not out together for long periods of time. Years 3 & 4 will share an outside space, as will Years 5 & 6. They will alternate between the front playground & field or the back playground & outdoor gym each half-term.

We will also be encouraging children to sit and enjoy their mealtimes together without bolting food and rushing outside. Enjoying sociable time with food can be a really pleasant experience – it’s something many of us do as adults – and we think it is important that children are encouraged to do this too. Sadly, I see an awful lot of wasted food when children try to ‘dump’ their packed lunches or school dinners so that they can rush outside. I do understand why they want to do this but I know how hard families work to provide these meals and hate to see them wasted.

School uniform

The Bignold school colours are grey, green and white and you are free to combine those colours how you like. We do, however, expect all children to follow the school dress code at all times:

Jumpers - children should wear plain jumpers or jumpers featuring the school logo. Hoodies or branded clothing are not permitted and children will be asked to remove these.

Trousers - children should wear plain black or grey trousers. Jogging bottoms or branded clothing are not permitted.

Shoes - We ask children to wear plain black outdoor shoes, a suitable style for everyday wear. Footwear such as open-toe sandals, high-heeled shoes and slingback shoes do not provide adequate support or protection. Plain black trainer style shoes can be worn but, as a general rule, trainers are not permitted.

For P.E. we ask that children should wear plain black or grey shorts with a plain white t-shirt or a plain unbranded t-shirt in their house colours. Football shirts should not be worn.

When the weather gets colder, children should wear plain, unbranded black or grey jogging/tracksuit bottoms and a plain, unbranded sweatshirt or hoodie. PE will take place outside as much as is possible so children should wear sturdy outdoor trainers.

On PE days, children should come to school in their P.E. kit – your child’s class teacher will let you know when PE takes place when school resumes in September.