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School Closures: Latest News

Dear Families
Thank you for the support you have given the school over the past week. You will have heard that the government has decided that schools are closing for most children from Friday afternoon. We recognise that this is extremely challenging for you as families to manage and process. Children should come to school until then unless they show symptoms of COVID-19.
We will be talking to the children about it today to reassure them that all the adults in their life will be looking after them; this includes their families, people in school and the people who run our country. It is vital for children that they feel adults are in control. We recognise the huge demand and strain this places on many of you as you cope with children at home whilst managing other responsibilities. We will be thinking of ways we can offer distance support for you.
The school is working with Evolution Academy Trust and the Local Authority to plan for those children and families who will be coming to school. We don't know what this looks like yet but we are hoping for clarification later today. We are aiming to work across the three schools as this helps our capacity with staff and leaders.
Teachers are working extremely hard to gather resources for the many children who will not be coming to school. They will also give you suggestions as to how you may manage this. 
We will update this page regularly. We offer heartfelt thoughts to our community in these unprecedented times and please be reassured we will do our utmost to support children and families.
Thank you
Binks Neate-Evans
Executive Principal