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Latest news on school plans to re-open from our Executive Principal, Binks Neate-Evans

Dear Families


This week schools have been very, very carefully considering how we can begin to re-open  on June 1st for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children. All through this process I have said that our communication will be honest and transparent. 


If we are able to open to some of these year groups JUNE 1st will be a training day for staff so that everyone is confident about the many changes that have to be made.  It will NOT be open to any other children APART from children that have been eligible to attend up until now (keyworker or children with particular circumstances).


The level of planning and re-organisation in schools is a huge and highly complex task. Guidance and information comes in at least daily. We continue to be guided by teams at Evolution Academy Trust who have given invaluable  support to our planning and risk assessment process.




We know it is difficult for many being in a state of not knowing. I feel it is important that your children, many of whom will be very keen to return, know that we  really hope schools will begin to re-open but they MIGHT NOT. With younger children it might help them to use  language such as:

Your school really, really wants you to be able to come back. Because they care about us all they may not open if they  think it is unsafe or if other people tell them they can’t’.  This will help them feel informed and not build up to something to feel very disappointed. We cannot make short term decisions that in the longer term we will deeply regret. Please be assured we are desperate to be able welcome children back but we must be do so cautiously and safely.


Whilst we are still planning  and really hoping for each school to begin to re-open for those year groups, families should know we are:

  • awaiting to see if the government states it has met the 5 tests it has shared with the public.
  • awaiting very important guidance to support the safe re-opening of Reception and Nursery.   
  • professional bodies are also awaiting the scientific evidence that government has used to make the decision that re-opening schools is safe for children, staff and your community. 
  • awaiting trust level approval
  • awaiting for some safety equipment and materials to arrive
  • unable to say yet whether any other year groups will come back this term
  • having to plan for short term and sudden closures if there is an increase in cases locally



By the end of the day tomorrow each school will communicate with you about their individual circumstances and their conditional  re-opening schedule for the first two weeks.  Again, thank you for your continued understanding and support. We feel for you during such uncertain times. As parent communities, you have been brilliant and believe you me, this makes a very difficult phase of managing schools far more manageable. I’m sending you all my genuine thanks.




Binks Neate-Evans                   


BJ Neate-Evans

Executive Principal 

Bignold Primary, Angel Road Junior School and Angel Road Infant and Nursery school