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Holiday message from Executive Head

Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas 2020





Thank you to all the children and families in our communities

I know this term has been challenging for families and staff alike. It has been made bearable and positive because of the strong sense of community. Out of a real crisis we have seen people act with compassion, care and understanding. Huge thanks you to you all for helping and being so supportive. I had asked for people to send in positive comments to encourage staff. Despite the ‘lazy schools’ narrative’ we see portrayed in some media, I think you know our teams have really tried their hardest. Your comments have been really affirming and uplifting. Thank you for bothering.


We know, as schools, we do NOT get everything right. I hope you can see and feel we are really trying to transform into LEARNING ORGANISATIONS. This means more than the responsibility to teach children what we believe will help them to learn and live well. It is about us as professionals, being reflective and open-minded to different viewpoints, being able to take feedback, being curious about what is working well and how we can improve. At times, we do this by sharing our errors/mistakes and mis-judgments (all of which are part of normal human behaviour) with each other so that we improve practice and processes, learn and develop to be the best schools we can be.

Happy resting ready for a new term

Please do be really careful this holiday. Please follow the guidance for reporting any positive cases you have received from each school until 23rd December. Take the time to rest and be restored. You may enjoy browsing some of these:


Warm wishes to you all.  

Binks Neate-Evans

Executive Principal