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Hello children - a message from Mrs Neate, our Executive Principal

Dear Children,


We are going to ask that a grown-up reads this message to you or with you.

Our school had to close very quickly, for nearly all children last week. This was so that we could help to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading in our community. It is one way we can try and keep you and your family safe. We hope you are being safe and helping your family with that too.


Lots of the staff have worked in schools for many years and it is very, very unusual for all schools to have stopped so suddenly. We know that part of that might seem exciting for you but also we know lots of you will be missing your friends, teachers and staff in school. We are missing you all too!


We hope you will be excited to know that your teachers are going to try and contact each and everyone very soon. Where possible, we would also like to arrange to speak to you on a telephone in your home.  This is so they can say hello and so you know they are still thinking about you and your class.


We hope your family won't mind. Please tell them:

  • your teacher is going to send them an email to explain about the phone call and to check that it is ok with them.
  • if you and your family are happy about that your teacher will agree a good time to phone. It might not be straight away as there are lots of children to phone.
  • it is a friendly phone call that won't last longer than 10 minutes (your teacher has lots of other things to do too and your friends to phone).
  • you can talk to your teacher about any learning you have been doing but we are not phoning to check or tell anyone what they must do.
  • your teacher might tell you some interesting things they have been doing too, but most of all they just want to say hello because you are still in their class.
  • you won't be able to phone your teacher back but they will phone again another time.

We really hope you are all keeping yourselves safe, managing to do some nice things with your families and helping if your grown-ups are busy. Fingers crossed you are reading, writing, and listening to lots of books and stories. We would love to see any or any diaries you are writing. This time in your life will, one day, be remembered and your diary might help them to know what it was like to be a child during the COVID-19 crisis.


Go safely

Mrs Neate-Evans

(Executive Principal - the lady you see coming in and out of your school)






Binks Neate-Evans 

Executive Principal