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Friday update from Executive Head


Dear Families


We are slowly nearing the end of term. Despite the huge challenges our communities have faced it has been positive in so many ways. The schools are working hard to find innovative ways to share virtual Christmas celebrations with you if it is something that you celebrate.


Warm thanks to you all for your continued support. It is very important that we maintain high levels of vigilance as there are cases locally and this continues to affect our schools and staffing. Thank you so much to families who have been incredibly supportive when we have had to shut bubbles. This week two bubbles have shut at Angel Road Infants and Nursery.


We have been so impressed with the way you have been incredibly understanding as we recognise the huge impact it has on you and your families. You have supported your children really well to engage with online learning that we are providing. The school staff have worked really hard and it’s been great to hear of children interacting using the platform.


Christmas card lists


We are unable to provide class lists for Christmas cards as this would be sharing personal information. Some of you may also feel that writing individual cards has an environmental impact. You could encourage your child to make a wonderful card with a special message for their class rather than writing lots of individual cards.





This week NCC has announced support for Norfolk residents.  It provides help to families who have are facing difficulty because of the pandemic.  It may be of interest to you, your wider family or someone you know. It can provide help with day to day living costs including food and daily essentials.


The Danger of the Single Story


This powerful TED talk explores the stories we tell and how we need to understand the implications of the messages they can give - both good and bad. It is very though provoking with powerful messages about misconceptions, misinformation, bias and stereotyping in the stories we tell.


I hope some of you may enjoy it.


Good will and the season to be grateful


As the term progresses, your school team continue to work really, really hard. It has been tough for them but they remain so positive for your children. I know it would be so uplifting for them to be drowned in little words of gratitude. If you have the time, or inclination, please do drop a note or an email to your school so we can share some good spirit. I know it would help shine light on the end of term. We’d love to have a gratitude board for them to see.


Wishing you all a relaxing happy weekend



Warm, wintery regards

Binks Neate-Evans

Exec Principal