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Friday messages to parents from Binks Neate-Evans

Dear Families
Thank you for your continued  support to help us manage schools safely. I expect a very wet Friday may be quite testing for us all.
We are constantly reviewing our processes. Having listened to some feedback and noticing that the three schools were doing things slightly differently we have agreed the following:
  • any letter about 'possible cases' will identify the class. This is particularly relevant for families with children in different year groups. Our apologies where this has not happened - we should have thought of this.
  • where there is more than one possible case in a class, we will notify you each time as we think this will help with your vigilance and provides the most honest information about possible risk. 
  • we will only send back a 'Negative test' letter to the class when all 'possible cases' in a class or bubble have been tested. Otherwise, we feel it will be very confusing as you won't know which negative letter corresponds with which 'possible case' letter. Phew!
  • you will be informed immediately if we have a positive case and we will tell you what action we need to take.
I hope this helps in the short term. We are constantly reviewing procedures and really welcome constructive feedback about any of our systems. We do our best to listen and adapt where possible or necessary.
Testing: Informal indicators seem to show that 'test centres' are the quickest route to getting tested as we are seeing results now turned around from these tests in less than 24 hours. If it is a negative result, this of course will enable children to return to school immediately and prevent families from self-isolating. Postal tests sem to be taking considerably longer.
We hope the NHS Contact and Trace letter helped clarify if you should go for a test etc. The BBC link below has a useful video to help you understand the difference between colds, coughs and COVID19
​Families on site: Thank you very much to so many you for adhering to our rule of one adult per family. Please do not bring other adults/older siblings/grandparents etc on to the site. Unfortunately will have to ask them to leave. It is very important that we keep the numbers a limited as possible particularly during thse very busy times. Thank you also for sticking to your staggered time. We need to keep this going so this is just a polite reminder and thanks.
I want to inform you that we are working hard to provide work for children that have to self-isolate or stay at home due to COVID19. I thought a bit of background information would be helpful.
Planning teaching and learning sequences is complex and highly skilled. I am sure many of you realise the difficulty teachers and schools face as they plan, prepare and teach classes face to face whilst also beginning to provide work for children at home. A very important part of the teaching process is also providing meaningful feedback so children can progress. It is a lot to juggle in ordinary times but a huge task in these circumstances with all the changes we have had to make.   I and heads are also responsible for the management of teacher workload.  We are working hard to get this right for children, families and staff.
So, we are currently working across the three schools to prepare materials for children if they are sent home or have to stay at home. As part of this, teachers will be beginning to adapt their teaching practice to explain in class,  to children, how they could carry out classwork at home, develop good independent learning skills, avoid distractions and understand there is an expectation for work to be completed to the best of their ability. We recognise home learning can be a huge burden for families and want to set learning tasks that children can manage independently. This is a skill that will develop over time.
Any children self - isolating should be receiving learning resources. We are also trying to build resources for our new learning platform 'Seesaw'. This will be a longer-term approach. We hope it will help you to be able to access parts of children's learning programmes online so we can work in partnership to support your child/ren.
Parent Ping is a daily survey app that helps you to learn how other parents nationally are dealing with life - all in just 2 minutes a day! It is completely free.
You can download via your App store or follow this link for more information.
Easy! Download the free Parent Ping app from your app provider.. Each day your phone will PING! and send at least 2 questions for you to answer. You can decide how many of your children you’d like to answer questions about, and we aim to make the whole thing as easy and simple as possible.
The people behind it are highly principled and incredibly well informed. They have their finger on the pulse of education and parenting. We use TeacherTapp which has been incredibly successful. I'd love to know how you get on with it.
I am sorry this was a long dense update we are striving to keep you in touch with what we are doing, changes and helpful information.
Have a great weekend, not in pubs after 10 p.m. or in groups bigger than 6 😉
Go well...



Binks Neate-Evans