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Friday 8th January 2021 - a message from Binks Neate-Evans, Executive Principal

Dear Families,


This week has been an absolute roller coaster for you and our schools. Your messages of encouragement have been incredibly helpful.  Despite how school staff can be portrayed in some media, none of us like operating schools like this and we look forward to a time of greater normalcy. We do NOT underestimate the current arrangements have on many of our families.


However, at the moment it is vital that we continue to protect our communities, which is why the number of children able to attend school is being restricted. Whilst we are aware that many families may be 'eligible' for places, if you have access to safe childcare at home, we ask that you only take a place if it is essential during this period of high transmission rate.


School staff have worked hard to provide remote learning. Much has been learned since the last phase and we are trying hard to make sure the learning for those in school mirrors the same for those learning at home.


All this being said, we are incredibly aware of how difficult this is for many families at home, whether this be a lack of space, poor connectivity, demands from and for different children, your own working from home requirements, the isolation of children and families and the worrying time we are currently in.  Please tell us how we can help and support you. We are a learning organisation; we are only just at the beginning of providing remote learning so please feel free to communicate constructively with your school to say what is working well and what is difficult.


We are well supported by Evolution Academy Trust who have been working hard to get devices from a number of different sources so we can help all children.  If you have any contacts who may be interested in donating devices or sponsoring our schools so we can support families please do let the schools or myself know. 


Next week the leaders in your school will be inviting you to an informal Zoom meeting so we can really try and stay connected with you, to explain about the half term ahead, to offer some advice and guidance about home learning and routines.  We hope you found this useful as we are very keen to stay connected with you.


In my media wanderings I have come across the following resources which may of use and interest to some of you or someone you know:






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Lastly, I urge you all to take great care. Unfortunately, some of me and my family have just tested positive so I am very, very well tucked away at the moment and hope to be on the mend very soon.




Binks Neate-Evans                   


BJ Neate-Evans