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Friday 5th March - a message from Binks Neate-Evans, Executive Principal

Dear Families


Thank you for the support you continue to give our schools. Today is an invaluable day to ensure the wider opening of our schools is safe, successful and seamless. We couldn't have done this without your understanding and patience. Let us really hope for less turbulent times.


I know that I am joined by our whole school staff in wanting to get the children back together into their lovely classrooms.  We hope you have all the information that you need, so that you feel confident in the approaches we take.


Please do encourage the children to feel positive about returning to school to learn and to be in a pro-social environment; we will be acknowledging how well they have done and will quickly want them to settle into school routines and habits. This is so we can focus on learning and re-establishing good relationships.  We will of course be very sensitive to the fact that returning to school may be more difficult for some than others. However, it is important for children to understand that learning, being effortful and being becoming an active learner is very good for well-being. We want all children to quickly feel successful and welcome.


We very much look forward to moving to this hopeful phase. Please be assured of our care towards your child's well-being and our commitment to help them exceed expectation. They are not and will not be a 'lost generation' on our watch!




Binks Neate-Evans                   


BJ Neate-Evans

Executive Principal