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Friday 29th January - thank you for your feedback

Dear parents & carers,

Hello, I hope that you and your families are keeping well.

A video version of this message is available here:

I wanted to thank all of you who found the time to respond to our online learning surveys. It is really important to us that your views are heard and that we do our best to tailor our online learning offer to meet the needs of our families.

We understand that people’s experience of lockdown and home learning can vary hugely. We also understand that trying to juggle all of the demands you are having placed upon you can be extremely challenging and want to be as supportive of you as we can.

For this reason, we are using our regular small group and 1:1 learning support sessions to try to make sure we meet the needs of specific children. The offer may vary slightly from year-group to year-group but, the consistent theme is that the adults who work with your child are adapting what they do in response to the children. We use the Oak Academy and White Rose resources because they provide a well-structured framework around which we can work.

School staff spend a lot of time on this and it is something that the leadership team here also monitors closely. Indeed, Binks Neate-Evans, our Executive Principal, regularly meets with me and other leaders to evaluate our online learning offer.

The small group and 1:1 sessions are going really well and it was great to see so many positive comments about them in the feedback forms. Likewise, I am really pleased to see how many children are engaged in online learning activities and are posting regularly – thank you all for your support.

One of the themes we got from your feedback was the need to keep to a minimum the amount of screen-based activities. From next week, school staff will be posting a February Active calendar with a range of physical challenges to complete every day. We will also continue to make sure that there are a range of learning activities posted and that these include ones that are not screen-based.

We also understand how important it is for children to stay connected with one another whilst they are away from school. It has been great to see lots of children (and their families) joining in together with the Mini Monkeys yoga sessions – these are now being rolled out for all year groups and I am pleased to say that we have booked Mini Monkeys for the rest of the Spring Term.

We are also exploring other way in which we can help the children to stay connected – more on this to follow soon.

Please remember that we are here to help and that you can raise any concerns you have with the adults in your child’s year-group team.

With my best wishes,

Mr Newman

Head of School