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Friday 26th March - A message from Binks Neate-Evans

Dear Families,


Please find our end-of-term Newsletter in the letters page of the website - there are some great photographs from Bignold Book Day!



I am slightly staggered that we have already reached the end of the Spring term and we have the Easter holidays ahead. The last three weeks in school have been a very affirming and positive phase.

Despite the worries that many have had, children have settled back into the routines and expectations of school life. This is a testament to the way you have supported your children and also the high levels of professionalism and preparedness shown by the school teams. We are committed to building on the high levels of engagement that has been created between families and schools during the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, we did have to close one bubble at one of the schools this week. We were all very disappointed to have to do this when children had just settled back in. Huge thanks to the families who were so patient and understanding. We recognise what a huge upheaval it is for you.

Please find a link below with information outlining how eligible families may be able to access financial support if your child is required to self-isolate.


School leaders are sharply focused on supporting their teams to ensure that what is taught and the way it is taught will help all children be in a strong place for September 2021. We are focussing on precision teaching so that we maximise the impact of all lesson time. This means teachers and support staff are making decisions about the exact curriculum content that is essential for children to master.

We are also considering how we continue with the use of Seesaw and digital learning so that children can revisit ideas and concepts that have been taught in lessons.  We believe one of the things that lockdown learning has taught us is that children can be motivated and engaged in learning when they have a degree of agency and control. I know from my own personal perspective, that I have really benefitted from the explosion of online learning which I can access flexibly, pause, ponder and clarify at pace that suits me. Children will be no different. Over the next term and into next year, teachers and leaders will be developing materials that children will be able to access in a flexible way, so you can continue to support and engage in your child's learning journey.


Well-being is a significant concern for society. I have had some very positive feedback from the community about pushing out interesting content via these updates. To this end, I was considering the one message I would want to share with families this holiday. For me, the well-being of an individual is paramount in order to function well in society, to feel valued and secure in ourselves. You will also know that our schools have READING as a top priority. This is because we know that becoming a fluent reader unlocks learning and creates choice. Choice is very important. Poor literacy levels can really reduce choices available to us in the short and long-term. 

I came across this very short clip  (only 14 mins) that shows how important reading fiction is. It literally changes the brain and is directly linked with well-being.  It is quite accessible and with some supported conversations, you could even share and discuss with older children. I hope it may be food for thought for you and your families. Please do pass it on to anyone who may benefit.


Why reading matters | Rita Carter | TEDxCluj - YouTube

Speaking is already in our genes. But reading is not. Until about 100 years ago most people didn't do it all. When we read fiction especially, we create new ...


I hope that families manage to enjoy the next phase of unlocking whilst urging caution so that we can have all children safely back in school on TUESDAY 13th APRIL. Thank you to each community for all you continue to do to support our schools.


Binks Neate-Evans                   

BJ Neate-Evans

Executive Principal