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Friday 1st May - Letter from Binks Neate-Evans

Dear Families


Firstly, I want to extend my thanks to you for the response to our consultation about the re-opening of schools. We are processing and considering the information you have provided us with. It is invaluable and timely.


You may have seen in the news that the government is likely to provide draft plans for the next stages of managing the crisis. I think it is fair to say, that part of this is likely to include some indication about what school re-opening may look like. Lynsey Holzer (CEO of Evolution Academy Trust) is on the Norfolk LA steering group and will be providing support and guidance to our schools to help with this process in the coming weeks.


School staff are being prepared to consider different ways of working. What will remain absolutely consistent, is our will to get it right for as many of our children and families as is safely possible to do so. We will keep you as informed as we can about any 'news' we receive. The information you have provided in the consultation will really help our thinking. We will close the consultation on Wednesday 6th May. 


We are reminding all staff and children in school that social distancing and very good cleaning and hygiene practice remains essential to keep children, staff and families safe. If we are made aware that children are visiting different households etc we will ask the families to keep their children away for 14 days. We hope you respect and understand why this is necessary.


Teachers have been working really hard to review the educational offer to families. If you are worried or concerned please get in touch via the school office and they can put you in touch with the correct member of staff. We hope what we are offering is manageable and helpful. Again, we really do understand the massive range in circumstances that you will be managing. It's the same for school staff too. 


If your children are in school, please make sure they have clothes suitable for weather. We are encouraging outdoor provision.


I hope you and your families are finding a way through this very difficult time. Be assured your school is here to support as much as we can. As always, my claps are for everyone who is playing their part whether in the NHS, schools, other key worker roles, but also all those quietly doing the right things and staying at home as much as possible. Thank you.


Keep safe.





Binks Neate-Evans 

Executive Principal