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Friday 19th June - update from Binks Neate-Evans, Executive Principal

Dear Families


There seems to be some better news gradually seeping our way in that the general national risk level is being decreased from 4 to 3. We are also hearing ‘media noises’ that social distancing rule may reduce to 1 metre in schools. We continue to process information as it becomes formalised as quickly as possible. We aim to communicate any changes to you as quickly as possible as we try to minimise uncertainty. I think many of you really appreciate how challenging this has been and continues to be. What I see across the three schools is an incredible sense of personal responsibility. As communities we have all really played our part but it is important that we continue to be vigilant.  I have been very impressed and heartened to see how children in schools are following the guidance we have set out and the great standards of behaviour, courtesy and general good spirits.


We are trying really hard to respond to any communications from families who may require support, advice or a friendly ear. We also listen to your comments carefully to ensure we are taking into account  the ever changing needs and concerns of children and families. As the process of safely managing and maintaining the  wider opening of our schools had developed, we are really trying to pay good attention to the needs of those not in school. I can only try to understand what that must feel like for children and families with really different circumstances. I am working hard with leaders to find safe and creative way of increasing contact for ALL children before  the end of term. We are exploring and planning things like reading and fitness workshops. Each head has been asked to keep you all as well informed as possible as things develop.


The big government announcements this week have been around funding for catch up programmes. Again we have no further detail on this. You may be pleased to know that Evolution Academy Trust is closely supporting and planning with schools to ensure we do as much as possible to quickly recover from this period of disruption. This coming week as school leaders across the three schools we are meeting as a team to really thrash out our priorities for a recovery plan for the coming year. I have always been quite straightforward in my views (with good evidence)  that reading must be a priority. But this must sit alongside the well-being of children many of whom will have to adapt back into school life. Please be assured our thinking will keep children at the centre of our thinking.


Wishing you all a good weekend and watch out for the heatwave next week.




Binks Neate-Evans                   


BJ Neate-Evans

Executive Principal 

Bignold Primary, Angel Road Junior School and Angel Road Infant and Nursery school