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Friday 17th April - message from Binks Neate-Evans

Dear Families and Children


This is the end of fourth week of ‘lockdown’. The government announced that this would continue for at least a further 3 weeks. Undoubtedly, as the weeks go by it may feel more and more difficult in your homes. Please be assured our thoughts are with you all as a community. We are endeavouring to do our utmost to support the fight against COVID-19. Sometimes it can help children to know what the adults in school are doing and apart from the very young children; it may be helpful for them to know that it is hard for school staff too; but we are making sure we stick to the rules and stay in our homes too, unless we are at work. It is very hard for young children to understand why their world is topsy-turvy. We hope the materials we provide give you some ways in which you can talk to children about this ongoing crisis.


We hope also we are getting the right balance of providing learning materials. I do want to reinforce that we know home is not school. Our message is do your best each day and if one day is better than another, so be it. The sky will not fall in if a piece of work isn’t complete.  One thing I think might be an interesting idea to develop in the confines of a home, is the idea if and when the children are PRODUCING or MAKING something, there is great value in getting them to evaluate, improve and produce best work. I have included a link to a well-used educational video that explains the idea. Many of your children will have seen it but the idea within it can be applied to lots of different situations. It gives the strong message that it is ok to not get things right from the start and we can constructively criticise each other and ourselves to help improve. We would love to see any of your efforts applied to different ideas. Have a look:


This week is the week that families will have received the information about admissions to Reception and Y3 (for infant and junior schools). We are of course, delighted to be welcoming you all. The Head of Schools are making arrangements to get information to you. In normal times we would hold transition meetings and welcome days. The way it is organised this year will very much depend on government decisions on when and how schools begin to re-open.   


Next week, I am going to publish a consultation document. The school leaders here are very keen to hear your views about schools re-opening and what you believe should be in place to make you feel reassured about a safe return to school for your children. I want to be really clear that we will not be open before government direct but we would like to do some thinking with you as to what this COULD look like.  Our schools serve the community and your views matter.


I would like you also to know that I have written to both  Clive Lewis MP (Norwich South)  and Chloe Smith MP (Norwich North) to express my frustration and disappointment about the Free School Voucher system. It is failing many of our families. Please be assured our teams have worked almost around the clock trying to get these vouchers through the system to you.


After that more ‘ranty’ note, as always look after each other and keep safe.




Binks Neate-Evans