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Friday 16th October - A message from Binks Neate-Evans, our Executive Principal

Dear Families,


This is quite a long one - so take a pause, pop the kettle on and take time to read the information when you have time. 


As I write, we in Eastern England are fortunate enough to be escaping the full brunt of restrictions. I'm sure it will be affecting some of your friends and families nationally and internationally and it certainly is a worrying time.

I continue to be really impressed with our young people and the teams that lead them. The children show us how quickly they adapt and also understand the collective effort to keep our community as safe as possible. Please do congratulate and remind them what a superb job they are doing. Because of their calm and diligent attitude, we are able to get on with our core purpose of teaching. There is some great work going on.



We do have to keep reminding ourselves of the importance of sticking to government guidance and the procedures in school. I would like to thank the vast majority families who have really helped us and understood why we have to restrict access to the school site. As I drop into playgrounds at the beginning of the day, this is very clear. You have been really wonderful and kind to staff. Thank you. Staff have also had reminders to ensure we model and stick to this too - we are all humans and it takes a lot of effort for us to stick to very different habits. 


As a reminder:

  • it is important that only 1 adult per family comes on-site (unless there is an exception agreed with the heads). School staff have the right to refuse entry to any individual. They will continue to be proactive in reminding any individuals who may have forgotten or who try and flout this rule to suit their own needs.
  • stick to the staggered drop-off and collection and please don't send children at the wrong time - this puts them in a difficult position which is of course unfair on them.
  • it is vital that you do not form groups and maintain social distancing whilst on school site at all times. We know this is tricky and it can be very busy but please do adhere to this as we really prefer to not have to approach groups.
  • abuse and disrespectful behaviour towards staff, other families or children, will never be tolerated on site. There have been a few occasions when parental conduct has been far from desirable. This is really not fair on hard-working staff but completely unacceptable for children and families to witness. We will always, always, always try and resolve difficulties or concerns in a calm and respectful way. Abusive behaviour (quiet or loud, verbal or physical or implied threats) will simply not be tolerated. If an individual fails to follow staff requests, school guidance and poses a risk to safe running of our schools, we will not hesitate to remove permission for them to enter the site. We hope this reassures the vast majority of you who really help and support us that school is safe and welcoming for you, children and staff. Schools must be hopeful, optimistic and safe communities. 

We have not yet made mask-wearing compulsory for parents coming to collect children. We are watching local infection rates carefully. I would like families to know this is something we are looking at as way of minimising risk as we enter winter.




There are vacancies for two parent governors on the Angel Road Federation governing body. We are very keen to make sure our governing bodies are representative of our communities. We would really welcome some male presence and representation from any Minority Ethnic groups. Naturally, this would not prevent any other person putting themselves forward at all. Please pop in and see either Ms Whalen or Mrs Moody if you think you may be interested. 




The closing date for Year 6 children transferring to high schools in September 2021 is fast approaching. It is very important that you apply within the Norfolk Schools timescales. Please see the link below:




Children transferring from Year 2 in ARI to Year 3 in ARJ must also complete a transfer application. The window for this opens on Monday 9th November.


All three schools are working on ways to provide information to new families.




As we navigate through our school year ensuring we follow guidance, we are always trying to find the best way to keep communication as good as possible. Being able to talk to you about your child's learning is one of the most important things we do. We will be carrying out virtual parent meetings by telephone this term. Each school will contact you about arrangements for your child's class. You will be able to discuss how your child has settled in and their well-being and behaviour for learning, how they are doing primarily in reading, writing and Maths, any issues regarding attendance and punctuality, homework and online learning and of course how your unique young person shines. 




This term has perhaps been the hardest term any of us have experienced in school. The school staff have been utterly brilliant in adapting and trying so hard to maximise learning and enjoyment. I will be honest and say it is hard for them and very, very tiring. I was hoping that if I flagged this up to you as parents you might be able to offer words of gratitude and appreciation to keep them ticking along to half term. Simple acts/words of kindness really make the world of difference. I really hope you don't mind me asking.




We are thinking hard about ways we can celebrate Christmas with children. Naturally, we won't be able to do events in the way we are very much used as part of British traditions and culture. However, we do want to make sure we plan some special and memorable events that we can share in one way or another.


We would really welcome your ideas - please either pop them in an email to your class teacher or ask your child to write them down. We would love to hear your ideas - we can't promise to do all of them but it is always good to tap into the creativity in our community. 


Thank you for your continued support. as always please feedback to us on anything you think we can do to help keep our schools safe and any other ideas you have. 




Binks Neate-Evans