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Friday 12th June - an update from Binks Neate-Evans, our Executive Principal

Dear Families


I hope you all received the update on Wednesday when I informed you that there had been a change in direction from central government. This change, you will know, dictates what we can do. I want to reinforce my message that we are very sorry about the position this puts so many of you in. We continue to look at gradually widening the offer to particular groups of children. The big news of a 'summer catch up programme' as of yet has no detail.


Please be assured we are still working tirelessly to find some different ways of keeping our communities connected.

Each school is managing in different ways and has different challenges. The Heads in each of the schools will keep you up to date with specifics at least each week and more often as relevant.  Angel Road Infant families will know the particular challenges faced there with a broken boiler. We are coming up with some solutions for that and are sorry for the disruption and how this may have unsettled our youngest learners. In never rains when it pours!


For those families with children in schools we hope you have been reassured by the measures in place. I do want to take this opportunity to really thank and celebrate the superb work the cleaning teams have done throughout this period. Their work has been pivotal in the wider re-opening and risk management in our schools. They have worked with incredible diligence and goodwill and provide a very reassuring presence for us all. Whilst they are protecting those in school their work plays a key role in reducing transmission to the wider community and within families.


Evolution Academy Trust are working with us and have been hugely supportive. With them, we are beginning to explore planning for September. As of yet, we do not know what the expectations/restrictions will be. There may be the permissions in place for schools to fully open. Undoubtedly, much stricter hygiene measures will remain in place. Or depending on how controlled the pandemic is, schools may be required to rota. I am sorry we are not yet in a position to offer clarity. I do want to make clear that we are working tirelessly to future proof our plans to try create greater certainty for our families and our learners.


As restrictions are gradually lifted we ask families to continue to work with us in partnership, by keeping us informed of any suspected cases and test results and to continue to help children understand their important role. Most importantly look after each other and support each other to be safe as the changes are rolled out. I am not alone in feeling this phase is perhaps the most challenging and we want to do all we can to keep the virus out of our community.




Binks Neate-Evans 

Executive Principal 

Bignold Primary, Angel Road Junior and Angel Road Infant and Nursery schools, Norwich