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An update from our Executive Principal, Binks Neate-Evans, on preparations for September.

Dear Families,


Your schools are incredibly busy places at the moment - I'm not sure when we are not but it really is an absolute hive of activity at the moment; ending the year and planning for September. The planning process is complex and I continue to work through this with each school. School leaders will meet with both Lynsey Holzer (CEO) and I next week to review the plans so that leaders can then share information with you.  I want to reassure you that we are working hard to provide as higher quality provision within the government guidelines. The trust will be reviewing their Attendance policy in light of the government expectations about all children returning to school. Again, I strongly urge you to talk to school staff if you are worried about September. We hope the updates and information we share creates confidence and excitement for  a new beginning.


I know many parents and carers may have worries about their child 'catching up'.  Again to reassure you and your child, please try not to feel too anxious around this. We will be supporting all children with carefully constructed teaching sequences, low-pressure checking of understanding and tailored support when needed. We will also be very aware of the need to 'induct' children back in to school life and this in itself will support children's well-being. 


 During the summer holiday, formal learning will not be set as it is not appropriate to ask teachers to do this and many of you may need a break from the pressure of being ' home teacher'.  However, each of the schools will be sending some recommended/suggested activities. I will always promote reading and enjoying stories, playing number/board games, creative play, movement and art and things that help children be physically activity. I promote green time (outdoor and in natural environments) and reduce screen time.


Each of the school's are at a different point on the journey with online learning. Some of this is linked to budgets. We are delighted that 'The Angels'  will soon be accessing Seesaw online platform like Bignold. This will mean that in the future, we will all be able to flex between face to face in school teaching and online learning at home should classes or year groups learning be interrupted by and outbreak of COVID or self isolation. Evolution are financially investing in this to support all schools. 


We hope the children enjoy the transition and ending events planned by each school and that you understand the need for this to be so markedly different from previous years. None of it is ideal as we would like it but hopefully, it is received as good-spirited compromise to say goodbye to the academic year, our teachers, staff who have helped us and friends who are moving on. 


I hope the sun can shine a little this weekend to sustain us. Have a lovely weekend. 




Binks Neate-Evans