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An update following positive COVID-19 cases within the Bignold community - including Circus Big Top days

Dear parents and carers,


An update following positive COVID-19 cases within the Bignold community - including Circus Big Top days


As you will be aware, positive cases of COVID-19 have led to the closure of four of our Year Group Bubbles:


  • Nursery
  • Year 1
  • Year 4
  • Year 6


Over the course of today, I have been in communication with the local Outbreak Management Team & with Public Health England. At this time, they are confident that these cases are a cluster linked to COVID-19 infection spreading within the wider community. As you may know, the rate of infection has risen dramatically across Norwich and this is being linked to the spread of the Delta variant.


We have gone through the control measures currently in place and the public health advisors are happy that these are suitably robust; these include our teaching children within their Year Group Bubbles & closing these promptly in the event of a positive COVID-19 case.


The advice that we are now following is to ensure that we stick closely to our existing control measures in order to minimise the risk of further infection within school. The key control measures are:


  • Adults on the school site wearing a face-covering/mask (unless exempted from doing so);
  • Adults on the school site observing social distancing;
  • A strict handwashing/santising regime;
  • Year Group Bubbles operating separately from one another.


Unfortunately, this also means that we cannot go ahead with the Circus Big Top treat days that were planned for next week. We are all hugely disappointed by this as we had really wanted to provide our children with a fun experience to mark the end of the school year. Sadly, the pandemic has prevented this from happening but I would like to thank the amazing BFF committee for all of their hard work in organising this event. We are hoping that it can be rearranged for September.


Our focus now will be on ensuring that the rest of this school year goes as smoothly as possible with children fully prepared for their next steps in September when we all hope life will be a little closer to normal.


I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have passed on supportive messages to us over the course of what has been a very difficult week; it means a lot to us.


With my very best wishes to you all,


Chris Newman

Head of School