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A message from our Executive Principal - Friday 26th June 2020

Dear Families


I hope you and your families are all well. I think we face really hard challenges, to ensure that we really instill sensible caution in our children as the lockdown measures are radically eased. The scenes on Bournemouth beach are deeply troubling. It perhaps indicates how hard lockdown has been for so many and that many have had enough or many are still not fully aware of the very real risk the virus presents. It would be a disappointing indictment on our country if people just didn’t care and choose irresponsible behaviour over care for themselves and others they put at risk.  I am sure there will be a range of different views across our communities. Getting the balance right between supporting the practical and economic needs of the nation and developing and maintain new habits will be hard families, for all of us.


I am reflecting on this so that you feel reassured our future planning for working with children acknowledges diversity in thinking and attitudes. This being said an important part of what  we teach will be to help children develop and maintain really good understanding of the habits they need to keep them and others healthy and safe. This week school leaders met to look at strategic planning. Now there is clarity that the expectation is for ALL children to return to school in September, we can shape what that needs to look like. We are told we will receive more guidance. I think, unless there are localised outbreaks, we can be relatively confident for you to make the assumption that children will be back into fulltime school. I would just like to sow the seed that we may need to alter drop off and collection times to manage flow through the sites.


We have been concerned that the limited provision in schools has impacted on the children who have not had any access to formal schooling. I would like to pay testament to the hard work and creative problem solving of our leaders to provide a menu of options to create some face to face, ( to be safe we should side by side) contact with all children. Each school is publishing a detailed plan of what this will look like so do please look out for that later today or Monday.  I hope by looking at the detail you will see the complexity of what we are trying to achieve including:

·         creating a decent ending for children, as this is psychologically important

·         well-being support

·         an opportunity to engage in physical activity

·         checking reading – the one thing you can really help your child with to support learning as they return in September

·         support for transition and meeting new teachers.


I can assure you I have managed  end of years and summer terms in schools for some 20 years + and it is hard enough when schools are running normally. We are very well supported by EAT to check changes are safe and appropriate. Please do give your leaders and staff teams some encouragement if you feel able. I applaud them. They can’t work as effectively without the brilliant support of our families – so thank you to you and of course, our best customers, the children.




Binks Neate-Evans                   


BJ Neate-Evans

Executive Principal 

Bignold Primary, Angel Road Junior School and Angel Road Infant and Nursery school