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A message from Binks Neate-Evans, our Executive Principal

Dear Children and Families


I want to update you about what your schools have been doing during this very very challenging time.


Firstly, we hope you are all managing to follow the government guidelines to prioritise your safety and that of others. 


I recognise the challenges many of you will be facing during the COVID-19 crisis, whether this be with health, finances, feeling isolated, big changes to routines or worry. 


As schools we are working hard to make sure we are supporting this crisis and the teams have been superb to make sure we offer provision for critical workers. They have been thoughtful, generous and kind. We are planning staff training and are in frequent contact with our teams.


Some of you may also be worrying about your child's education. It is understandable. You have been given some resources that you can look at home. Our way of working during this crisis is to focus on priorities.  For children, this is probably reassuring them, establishing a simple routine and keeping safe. No school, no family, no country or continent has faced anything like this before so we are all learners together. We all need to be safe, patient and kind.


I am concerned about the huge expectation some schools are placing on families and social media adds to this pressure.  Our leaders do not feel this is appropriate at this time. We are trying to get the balance right between providing helpful resources and knowing that families have a lot of other things to manage too. We will keep feeding things out to you and I'm sure school staff are happy to try and respond to constructive feedback. I am mindful many of them also are facing the same challenges of juggling work and children too.


If you do use Twitter I am @BinksNeateEvans. I'll lookout for any of you!


The schools will remain closed to all except critical worker families and we will be providing this support to them over the Easter holiday. Thank you for being supportive and not pressurising staff for places that do not fit the strict government criteria.


We have ended Week 1 and will keep in touch with you. Stay in and  keep safe.


Binks Neate-Evans

Executive Principal