For home learning resources please visit the 'Children' page and click on the 'Home Learning for pupils self isolating' option.

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Home learning for pupils self-isolating

Please click on the year group folder for your child. The work in these folders is pitched for children working within their current year group expectations. Please encourage your child to complete work at their year group level, but if you feel that the level of challenge is not suitable for your child, please refer to the activities and lessons in the other year group folders. 


In each section, you will find a day by day range of activities and lessons for English and maths, which focus on basic skills and conceptual understanding. There are videos to support learning, links to websites for extra practice and support for reading at home. 


During the afternoon sessions, children are working on one curriculum subject in either two or three week blocks. For these sessions please look at the knowledge organisers which are sent home via parent mail. They have a home learning section which will contain links to online lessons or will have ideas for activities to complete at home. 


If you have any difficulties with any of the work, please discuss this with your class teacher during the weekly 'keeping in touch' call.